donderdag 8 november 2018

Strip Tee Team Challenge

Madeit Patterns has a new pattern, the Strip Tee, in both teenage and adult sizes.
It’s surprisingly simple, but simply surprising at the same time. It fits the Madeit bill completely.
We like!

Olu challenged 8 mother-daughter teams to sew their own Strip Tee.

My twelf  year old wanted to make matching Tees.
Scrolling through the sweater fabrics of de Stoffenkamer, she fell for the beautifull ocre of  Chat Chocolat. She clearly is my daughter (no prints needed ;)
Between those fabrics I also spotted a navy-ocre striped french terry.
Aha, we found our match!

She chose well. The fabric is, beside soft and warm, very stable.
Perfect for sewing your very first garment!
I did the explaining, she did 87% of the sewing ;)
We chose not to take ‘the easy way’ or ‘the neat way’ to finish the neckline, but simply took ‘the easiest way’ and made a little hem. The fabric is stable enough to do so in a neat way.
In my version I used the neat way, which I like a lot!

During the #stripteeteamchallenge there’s a discount of 20% on both the adult and teenage pattern.
We recomment it.
And if you have a teenager who’s interested in sewing, here’s a chance to make her and yourself proud!

Take a look at the blogs of these amazing ladies to see what they and their teen came up with:

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